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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combat sport wherein two competitors maneuver to achieve dominance using tactics like striking, finishing holds, and control. Each session is geared towards learning basic and advanced techniques like punches, chokes, take-downs, kicks, submissions, and throws that improve balance, boost your confidence, and transform your mind and body.


Excel at self-defense


Learn punching and kicking drills and mechanics, striking angles, and combinations


A strong sense of community that encourages and uplifts your performance


Get in your best shape with a hardcore workout


Sessions for everyone – from beginners to aspiring MMA fighters


Over 1,000 Google and Facebook Reviews


Over 10,000 Students Trained


Training MMA Since 1993

Mixed Martial Arts at Elite MMA

Whether you’re a man or woman, young or old, our MMA programs are suitable for everyone. At Elite MMA, our instructors personally oversee your training and help you crush your goals with the best techniques to help increase your stamina, cardio, and explosive movements. You will learn strategic methods of MMA such as “dirty boxing,” sprawl & brawl, ground & pound, submission wrestling holds, and a slew of other MMA strategies and techniques.

Our program has helped seasoned professional athletes prepare for their tailored sport, and has seen some of our own Elite MMA family members getting ready for the UFC.  With the current students, it allows them a vision of what scale they want to be at, from fitness enthusiast to seasoned athlete getting that extra edge for high performance in their endeavor.

Our MMA training includes Kickboxing classes, Boxing classes, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes, No Gi classes, Fight Fit classes, and private sessions.

Teaches Self-Discipline

Just like any sport, MMA requires a lot of discipline — eating right, sleeping right, and of course, training right. With regular sessions, you learn to discipline your mind and body, which is an excellent tool for the gym and in life. Persistence comes in handy when you’re working out, playing some sport, handling a tough day at work, or dealing with your emotions.

Boosts Confidence

Knowing how to defend yourself gives you a sense of calm. You know the art of punching, kicking, and manipulating joints such as shoulders, elbows, and knees  which comes handy in distressed situations. When you are well-versed in self-defense, your confidence levels are bound to increase.

Ensures a Great Workout

Sparring and grappling rounds of 3-10 minutes are an excellent cardio workout. It is brutal. No treadmill master can ever conquer the benefits of MMA training.

Builds a Sense of Camaraderie

Training at Elite MMA helps you meet a bunch of people with similar interests and goals. We take pride in our community and build each other up to generate world-class fighters.

Increases Flexibility

Skills like grappling help with passive flexibility while active training including stretches and high kicks boosts dynamic flexibility. At an older age, better flexibility lowers risks of pulled muscles and mobility issues. For younger students, flexibility is an excellent asset in daily life, for other activities, and sports, too.

Develops Mental Resilience

Various studies have linked MMA with mental training, as it pushes your limits. You can build resilience and determination, skills that will be useful in your personal and professional life. With practice, you’ll be able to stay focused on your goal and endure tough situations to achieve your objectives.

MMA is a high-intensity workout with benefits beyond usual exercising. It helps you get in shape both physically and mentally, and motivates you to perform better.

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Mixed Martial Arts Houston


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