How To Use Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for Self-Defense in Houston

When people first enroll in Houston jiu jitsu classes, they may feel overwhelmed by the focus on form and discipline. As their skills improve and they gain confidence, they begin to feel more empowered. This can help even children to navigate some of the most difficult circumstances they may face where they need to defend themselves. However, it is important to remember that not every dangerous situation should end with a fight.

Why Jiu-Jitsu for Self-Defense

There are many different martial arts disciplines that teach self-defense. Each has its own strength and may pair better with some people than others due to an individual’s personal strong points and limitations. Jiu-jitsu is best for people who are prepared to grapple on the ground. This can help fighters to disarm attackers who focus more on throwing punches or kicking.

  1. Suitable for Wide Range of People

jiu jitsu houstonUnlike many other types of martial arts, jiu-jitsu is well-suited to most body types and strengths. Whether you have lower-body or upper-body strength, there are techniques that can keep you safe. These include leglocks and chokeholds.

  1. Trusted by Law Enforcement

If law enforcement relies on a self-defense tactic, then chances are it’s because it works. Police officers often find themselves in positions where grappling with a suspect instead of drawing their weapons saves lives.

  1. Can Safely Disarm Aggressors

When properly trained, you learn how to more safely disarm people in a number of ways. You may immobilize them with force while calling for help. However, there are instances when people use jiu-jitsu instead of weapons but still end up taking a life. A chokehold can cause someone to become unconscious but is also potentially lethal. Proper training can help lower the chances of such accidents.

Fighting Tips To Keep In Mind 

Jiu-jitsu developed as a fighting technique for real street fighting in Rio de Janeiro. Even so, fighting in real life versus at the gym is not the same. Remain calm, but keep this in mind to temper any overconfidence you may feel. Arrogance sometimes causes people to walk into situations they could have easily avoided.

  1. Try To Avoid the Fight

jiu jitsu trainingPeople who are well-trained in martial arts often feel reluctant to back away from a fight. They may feel certain that they can defend themselves or even welcome the challenge to find out. This is dangerous. Keep in mind that the attacker may pull out a gun or knife. You could also end up injuring an inexperienced fighter so badly that you face criminal charges. Always keep these possibilities in mind before engaging in a fight.

  1. Do Not Turn Your Back

While it is important to walk away whenever you can, never turn your back to an aggressor. Not everyone accepts a refusal to fight so easily. Someone may attack you from behind anyway. The same is true when fighting. Never let your aggressor get behind you if you can help it. Even if you get knocked over, keep an eye on your attacker until you’re safely back on your feet.

  1. Take Down the Opponent

Ideally, your aggressor is the one taken down to the ground. This is the ideal fighting position for people who choose jiu-jitsu as a martial arts discipline. However, be careful when going for the takedown as this involves fighting in close quarters. Remember the potential for someone reaching for a weapon in a desperate situation. Try to keep track of your opponent’s hands at all times while defending yourself.

  1. Get On Top

Marisol2When fighting in close quarters on the ground, the ideal position is to be on top. If you can manage to pin your opponent to the ground, you may have the opportunity to run. There is no shame in this. It may protect not just yourself but the person you have successfully pinned beneath you. Many people will realize this and not give chase. However, still be cautious about turning your back to an opponent. It may be better to duck into an alley or through a side door than run straight ahead.

Enroll in Jiu Jitsu Classes in Houston

If your child is being bullied or you worry about your own safety, then jiu-jitsu classes in Houston may help to keep you and your family safe. Even if you have no immediate cause for worry, martial arts provides peace of mind that you will be prepared whenever a situation calls for action. It also teaches discipline of both the body and mind. Contact Elite MMA to get started.

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