7 Reasons Why Women Should Practice Jiu Jitsu

Have you ever typed, “MMA class near me,” in a search bar? Why did you search for a class? Was it for self-defense or confidence?

For decades, society has oppressed women, making them feel like their voices don’t matter. Recently in the US, there has been a shifting mindset as numerous women have come forward through the #METOO movement to make their voices heard and demand change. Mixed martial arts can and should be a part of that change.

Therefore, consider the following seven reasons women should take part in an MMA program.

  1. Self-Defense

MMA for womenWhen looking for “martial arts near me,” the most likely reason for the search is for self-defense training. MMA and jiu-jitsu are among the leading defensive arts. MMA and jiu-jitsu both train participants on how to manipulate, restrain, and defend against larger opponents.

Through successful practice and training, students will learn the appropriate methods for grappling and subduing opponents with little risk of injury to themselves. They will learn control and pacing and will develop the strength, skill, and physical prowess to feel confident in physical altercations.

  1. Reduced Fear or Anxiety

As you search online for a “mix martial arts gym near me,” understand that through commitment and training, you will be able to reduce your fear and anxiety. For women, anxious feelings can be a natural part of life, but they shouldn’t be.

MMA can help relieve that emotional discomfort by putting the power and control back into your hands. Most women feel uneasy because they are not confident in their own strength and ability. Practicing MMA will quickly diminish those doubts.

  1. Situational Awareness

One of the most significant benefits of MMA training for women and men is improved situational awareness. Through ground workouts, defense training, and offensive tactics, students will learn how to be aware of their surroundings at all times.

However, these skills are established over time through repetitive drills and practice, which is why finding an MMA class near me is crucial to long-term success.

  1. Confidence

7 Reasons Women and Girls Should Practice MMAOne reason women and girls should consider taking MMA classes is to build confidence. While it may seem secondary to the training, confidence is a necessary skill in any martial arts training.

Also, it is usually a natural side effect of progression. As you learn basic drills and master different techniques, your confidence in your ability evolves. MMA, in that sense, can be an excellent catalyst for self-esteem and courage.

  1. Body Positive

How do you feel about your body? Women have been influenced for decades by unrealistic body images, leading to shame and possible eating disorders. MMA trains you to be proud of your body and that pride often comes naturally.

As you progress through your training, you will be surprised at what your body can do. With newfound flexibility and complete control of your physical movements, you will wonder why you ever felt self-conscious in the first place.

  1. Social Connection

Women and Girls Should Practice MMAUnfortunately, it is common for girls and women to feel secluded and alone, which can lead to reclusive behavior. However, finding an MMA class near me will help to curb that attitude.

Training is a social activity, and inevitably, that training leads to connections and bonds. It is common for women taking part in MMA classes to form strong friendships with the other participants in the class.

  1. Health and Well-Being

If you are not convinced to locate a gym and sign up for MMA classes, consider the health benefits. First, there is no better form of exercise than martial arts. MMA training will involve strength training, cardio, and plenty of aerobic activities. Also, nutrition is a big part of the MMA lifestyle.

However, beyond your physical health, MMA is good for your emotional and psychological well-being. The training improves your sense of self and instills goal-oriented thinking, which means MMA is suitable for the mind, body, and soul.

There are several reasons a woman can benefit from MMA training. From self-defense to developing confidence and friendships, martial arts training is a healthy lifestyle choice. If you are interested in training, then consider contacting Elite-MMA for an MMA class near me, and discuss your expectations for your training. Any of the instructors will be happy to discuss training opportunities with you.

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