MMA Training 101: How to Workout in Your Baytown Gym the Right Way

When you’re looking for a badass MMA training program, you will find quite a few–but none as exceptional as the gyms in Baytown.

MMA workouts incorporate almost every muscle in your body, ensuring a total body workout for all age groups. Famous MMA fighters are known to be the most influential athletes around the globe due to their shape and stamina. So along with being a highly-skilled martial art, MMA also focuses on power, strength, endurance, and undeniable willpower.

But that’s not all. Fitness is just one aspect of MMA training.

Apart from that it:

  • Pushes and challenges you to be better
  • Boosts your confidence
  • Helps you make friends and be a part of a family
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Increases flexibility and personal safety
  • And it is a lot of fun!

“Success in the gym is all about the will of the mind.”

Ready to start your training and be a part of the rapidly growing Baytown fitness scene?

Workout Tips for your Baytown Fitness

1. Focus on Your Discipline

Gyms in Baytown offer many martial art classes like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, boxing, and more.woman boxing with white gloves Based on your fitness goals, you can choose a level that works best for you.

If you’re not sure, you can take different classes to learn various martial arts and then focus on one core aspect that you like the best.

When you focus on a single discipline like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you’ll be able to crush your goals in no time. Good martial artists know how to block, kick, and punch. Similarly, they’re excellent at defending and attacking when the fight moves to the ground.

Choose an expert instructor and learn the proper techniques to excel at MMA.

2. Work on Your Endurance

When you have to fight and fight well, you’ll need the power to sustain throughout every round. The ability to punch and kick hard repeatedly for 3-5 minutes is no easy feat. However, with power endurance training, you can build your capacity to perform explosive movements in the ring.

During your MMA workout, perform explosive exercises of moderate load for 30-45 seconds, rest for 30 seconds and repeat for five rounds. You can also focus on circuit training to increase your endurance. When working out, ensure that your intervals are at least 30 seconds long so that you can survive a three-minute round!

3. Train Your Core

The power in your kicks, throws, and punches depends a lot on the strengtkick boxing rink fightingh of your core. That’s why MMA training is best when coupled with core-strengthening exercises. When you start your Baytown fitness regime, try using fewer reps with more weight for optimized strength training.

Resistance training will help grow your abdominals in size and shape. So skip the urge to do hundreds of bodyweight crunches and focus on efficient techniques for core training instead.

4. Implement Plyometric Training in Your Routine

When you incorporate plyometric training in MMA, it will boost your quickness and explosive power. Good MMA fighters are those who can change direction instantly and hit with sufficient force from their wrestling, person holding othr down

Include 2-3 plyo sessions every week with your resistance training. Ideally, 48 hours of rest between two sessions ensure a full recovery. A warm-up before the plyo is always a good idea. Remember to use a soft surface like a mat as jumping on concrete may harm your back or knees.

Why Gyms in Baytown, TX are Perfect for MMA Training?

Quality Time for The Entire Family

MMA training isn’t only for adults or kids. It is for everyone, right from the age of 8 to 80! So if you’re looking for a family activity to stay fit and bond together, MMA is a great choice.

“A family that kicks together stays together!”

You’re Never Too Old to Learncrossfit teaching

If you think you’ve crossed the age to learn MMA, think again! Many MMA fighters achieved their goals after the age of 40. No matter what’s your age, it’s never too late to start MMA training.


Get in Shape

Feeling like you’re out of shape? Don’t worry. You don’t have to be in good shape to start MMA training. In fact, training is a great way to regain your body’s perfect shape and improve your overall health. If you think exercise is too dull, MMA will completely change your outlook!

“Let the fun begin!”

Ready To Give Elite MMA a Try?

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned fighter looking for a specific training technique, visit Elite MMA. We’re one of the leading gyms in Baytown, offering training for kids, men, and women of all ages. Call us at 281.424.4662 to schedule your free Baytown fitness session today!

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